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Owners David and Justin Fischer are state certified solar contractors and their family experience dates back to the inception of their local, family owned and operated solar company in 1980. We are experienced in all aspects of Solar energy systems with a diverse product line that includes Solar Pool Heating, Domestic Solar Water Heating and electricity generating Photo Voltaic Solar Systems. David Fischer personally oversee all work and customer relations. 

We’ve had many Treasure Coast customers tell us that, “finding a good trust worthy solar company  near me can be very difficult.” Some homeowners have remarked they worry about the ability to find a truly reliable and local company that offers the best quality and pricing possible. 

As one of the top solar companies in Florida Treasure Coast Solar has been providing the highest quality solar panel repair and replacement services to homeowners in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Port Salerno, Ocean Breeze and North River Shores for 40 years. Our new and existing customers can always expect the best for their solar project.

Home Solar Water Heating Systems

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The most popular and economical use of solar energy is domestic water heating. This will not erase your electric bill but will dramatically reduce it! If your electric bill averages $150. Per month you should save, on average, $40! This is a 35% savings! Within a short time, your savings will erase the initial investment you have made into your system.

Solar water heating panels in their simplest form are made from a sheet of copper painted black which absorbs the suns energy. This is all encased in a tempered glass and aluminum frame securely attached to your roof according to all current building codes. Water is fed through the panel via a pump that runs on solar energy into copper pipes attached to the copper sheet and picks up the heat in the metal. (The pipes are made of copper for better conduction.) The copper sheet is embedded in an insulated metal box and covered with vary strong tempered glass on the front. The panel is usually installed on the roof, sealed and bolted through the trusses thus insuring an extremely secure installation. All this Hot water is stored in the solar hot water heater and distributed through out the home as needed. These systems are reliable and have been in use for more than 100 years! Your system should last at a minimum of 35 years!

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar systems can be used to heat the water in your swimming pool as well as the water inside your home. The solar systems that Treasure Coast Solar uses are aesthetically pleasing in addition to being extremely durable. We take pride in knowing that we go beyond the code when attaching our pool panels to your roof. We use all stainless-steel fastenings with the finest available sealants to ensure a secure and water tight bond. All of our products are made here in the USA and carry full warrantees; also, our physical installation has our own guarantee.

Solar systems are recognized for their benefits for commercial as well as residential properties.  We recognized the tremendous potential for Green Energy Systems here in Florida and we expect to fill this need in the future for the Treasure Coast & surrounding area.

Whole Home PV Solar Systems

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We are involved with installing Photo Voltaic systems that generate electricity for use in the home and commercially.

There are two main forms of Photo Voltaic solar systems for residential use: the “grid-tie” system and the “off-grid” or stand-alone system. In a grid-tie system, a home has solar cells but is still connected to the local power grid. The home solar system includes solar cells installed on or near a home that collect the sun’s energy and convert it into DC electricity. Then the inverter converts the DC power into AC power, which can then be used directly in your home.

Electricity produced by the solar cells that is not used immediately in the home is returned to the power grid. When this happens your electricity meter literally spins backwards as you are passing energy to the grid. You are also building a credit on your power bill. This is called “net-metering”. The benefit of the grid-tied system is that it does not include expensive batteries to be installed in your home for the storage of power; the grid acts as the storage system and your home and the grid exchange power as you need and produce it.

Off-grid or stand-alone systems are typically used in remote locations where standard grid-based power is not available and while these systems are more expensive, they allow for complete electrical independence. Off-grid/stand-alone solar systems require deep-cycle batteries for storing electricity as well as a charge controller to assure the flow of electricity from the cells, so they don’t over-charge the batteries. Remaining, or surplus power is returned to the grid and essentially sold back to your power company, making the property owner money in the form of a credit or check from your power company!

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Treasure Coast Solar has been delivering reliable, top-quality solar energy systems and services at affordable prices for customers for four decades and we’d be honored to provide the best solar energy solution for you!

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