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Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems


 The most popular and economical use of solar energy is domestic water heating. This will not erase your electric bill but will dramatically reduce it!

If your electric bill averages $150. Per month you will save, on the average, $40! This is a 35% savings!  

Within a short time, your savings will erase the initial investment you have made into your system.

Solar water heating panels in their simplest form are made from a sheet of copper painted black which absorbs the suns energy. Water is fed through the panel via a pump that runs on solar energy into copper pipes attached to the copper sheet and picks up the heat in the metal. (The pipes are made of copper for better conduction.) The copper sheet is embedded in an insulated metal box and covered with vary strong tempered glass on the front. The panel is usually installed on the roof, sealed and bolted through the trusses thus insuring an extremely secure installation. All this Hot water is stored in the solar hot water heater and distributed through out the home as needed. These systems are reliable and have been in use for more than 100 years!

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