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 Photo Voltaic Systems


We are involved with installing Photo Voltaic systems that generate electricity for use in the home and commercially. There are two main forms of Photo Voltaic solar systems for residential use: the “grid-tie” system and the “off-grid” or stand-alone system. In a grid-tie system, a home has solar cells but is still connected to the local power grid. The home solar system includes solar cells installed on or near a home that collect the sun's energy and convert it into DC electricity. Then the inverter converts the DC power into AC power, which can then be used directly in your home.

 Electricity produced by the solar cells that is not used immediately in the home is returned to the power grid. When this happens your electricity meter literally spins backwards as you are passing energy to the grid. You are also building a credit on your power bill. This is called “net-metering”. The benefit of the grid-tied system is that it does not include expensive batteries to be installed in your home for the storage of power; the grid acts as the storage system and your home and the grid exchange power as you need and produce it.


Off-grid or stand-alone systems are typically used in remote locations where standard grid-based power is not available. These systems are more expensive, but do allow for complete electrical independence. This type of system requires deep-cycle batteries for storing the electricity as well as a charge controller to assure the flow of electricity from the cells so they don’t over-charge the batteries. Any surplus power is then returned to the grid and if there remains a surplus you will receive a check from the power company!

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